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Nattering Nabob of Nuttiness

Warning: could be radioactive

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Astor Gravelle
A genuine country bumpkin, left the country, not sure about the bumpkin. Grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. Lived in Frederick Maryland for 8 years, now live in Hamilton, Ontario. Now a permanent resident. I like TV, movies and YouTube way too much & have a sentimental soft spot for cartoon shows. Oddball tastes in movies, very broad range taste in music. If it's good, I'll listen to it—from Flo Rida to old Edison wax cylinder music. Tend towards a very sardonic wit on certain days and before certain very dysfunctional relatives come and visit will always watch A Clockwork Orange. to sharpen my wit. A bunch of friends and I tried to make the album The Wall our graduation theme music way back in the '80s. So I like to rock and dance. I believe in the agelessness of body movin.' If there is a flea market, I'll be magically pulled in there and forced to buy something. Very, ve-r-r-y eclectic collector. An artist, cartoonist & writer and along with illustrator rono64 publish several graphic novels by great talents: kagriswold thatdonoguy and we have our online review magazine that celebrates and parodies the dark, cynical or just plain asinine side of life. That would be found at gothixmagazine. Other projects TBA, but we usually publish two to three books a year. Check out our site at http://www.landwaster.com Taught cartooning and comic book layout for The Indianapolis Art Center, the University of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Children's Museum among other places. Fanatical user of IMacs. Worked in marketing, advertising and HR. Worked as a sales gerbil. Veteran conventioneer & renfaire fan. Cut my teeth on InConjunction in Indianapolis. Experienced in organizing and huckstering at conventions, particularly art shows. Hobbies include reading, volunteering, teaching, hiking, yoga, eating, costuming, sugar, painting, sculpting, chocolate & refurbishing old dolls and toys. Married mother of three children, including an autistic daughter. I have fibromyalgia and I'm a tad bit agoraphobic, but gradually getting better. Not so very fond of the medical community. I hate most self-help books—abhor them for their useless cynical huckster marketing. Proud owner of several birds. Halloween is my favourite time of year. I always watch The Crow, my favourite movie at this time. I believe in the Northern Gods, immoral foods, reading forbidden books and being very unsheeplike in thought, alternating between the paranormal and agnosticism, an Asagnostic, as it were. "Keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out" is my motto.

Even though many of my journal entries are friends-only, I'm always interested in making new friends. Don't be shy. If you friend me, I'll more than likely friend you back. I like friending frenzies! It's awesome to make new friends. I would like it if you friend me too. :-). I trust you, you trust me, we're a happy family. Really. I mean you no harm. I hate trolls, spammers & stalkers, too.

I don't purge my friends list so comment, don't comment. Read, don't read. I'll always try to answer your comments and give credit where credit is due with icons and quotes. I'm not always the best at commenting on your journal but that's because I have CRS disease: Can't Remember Shit and as the mother of a very busy, bright and physically athletic autistic child, and two older children with high demands, not to mention working at a huge big box store and being a cartoonist and married to a cartoonist, it gets very high maintenance around here. I get constantly interrupted. I have odd hours. My hubby has odd hours. No two days are alike around this place. Plus, I have limited mobility and I go to yoga, not for the prestige or fashion but it's because it's doctor recommended. It's good for fibromyalgia and/or degenerative disc disorder. Sometimes my pain makes me moody. But not at you. At life, the universe and everything.

But as your friend, I'll try to keep in touch with you. :-)

Anything in my journal can be quoted. Just give me credit.

Oh, and I am extremely dyslexic, so if I give you an answer or make a comment that doesn't make sense, that might be why.

Also, I am quite the icon collector. If I have used an icon that is yours, let me know and I will credit you. I don't mean to use one without permission. We also generate a lot of icons. Feel free to use on of ours. :-) Just credit.

Publications include: The Adventures of Psychotix, Space Age Ash Tray, Schmuck-O Rat, Texus Separatus: How He Came To The Village, Samantha-X.

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